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Morgan & Costello music

Dan Costello (c) 2020

00:00     I Threw It All Away (Dylan)

03:56     Good Man (Kim Wilson)    

08:28     Hey Bulldog (Lennon/McCartney)

11:30     Hands on the Wheels (Nelson)

14:31     Ophelia (Robertson)

17:09     Nickel and a Nail (Wright)

21:53     Loco (Colman)

25:49     Eighteen (Cooper)

29:09     Tonight I'll Be Staying Here (Dylan)

00:00   Midnight Fever (D. Costello)

04:17   Nickel and a Nail (Wright)

09:00 Catch and Release (G. Morgan)

13:31 Our Love Reigns (G. Morgan)

17:27  Good Man (K. Wilson)

21:58  Threw It All Away (B. Dylan)

25:51  Hey Bulldog  (Lennon/McCartney)

28:49  Came By You (G. Morgan)

31:30  That's When People (D. Costello)

37:31 Though My Eyes (G.Morgan)

39:40  Ruby Jewel (D. Costello)

43:37  Gotta Get Away (G. Morgan)

47:05  Wind in the Trees (D.Costello)

50:19  Long Hard Ride (D. Costello)

54:00  Come Running (G. Morgan)

57:27  I'm Eighteen (A. Cooper)

1:00:56  Why Do You Run? (D. Costello)

1:04:48 Can't Understand (Rosas/Dixon)

1:08:03  If You Ain't Got Love (D. Costello)

00:00     Came by You (Morgan)

02:40     Catch and Release (Morgan)

07:13     I'll Come Running (Morgan)

10:43     Till Death Do Us Part (Morgan)

14:00     It Breaks My Heart (Morgan)

17:05     Gotta Get Away (Morgan)

20:33     Two Years Ago (Costello)

23:05     There's a Time (Morgan/Costello)

26:55     Randy's Song (Costello)

00:00    Long Hard Ride (D. Costello)

03:43   Our Love Reigns (G. Morgan)

07:37    If You Ain't Got Love (D. Costello)

10:15    Though My Eyes (G. Morgan)

14:15    Why Do You Run? (D. Costello)

18:10    Can't Understand (Rosas/Dixon)

21:24    Wind in the Trees (D. Costello)

24:28    That's When People (D. Costello)

28:47    Phoenix Zoo (D. Costello)

32:16    Midnight Fever (D. Costello)